Netcom Outage (Was: My InfoWorld Column About NANOG)

Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Sat Jun 22 00:48:25 UTC 1996

At 06:35 PM 6/21/96 -0400, Stephen Balbach wrote:

>Having a fully meshed/redundant network should be the goal of any serious
>ISP. The only one that claims it with any substance IMO is UUNET.  We are
>trying to build one and its not easy.  Haveing redundant links in place
>does not guarantee instant fall over of traffic. Static routes, IGRP,
>iBGP, bridgeing, rip1 vs rip2, etc. are some of the issues we are running
>into. As well as when an interface is down, but actually looks up to the
>router, can be done, but there are so many possible points of
>failure and unforseen scenarios, it is very difficult to construct and
>certainly takes time to develop.

This is where having an excellent engineering staff pays off.  :-)

- paul

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