Withdrawls and announcements attempt 2

Steven J. Richardson sjr at merit.edu
Fri Jun 21 18:28:22 UTC 1996

Yeah, that's essentially what cisco said, though I'd
guess that you ought to be able to at least not
propagate the withdraw back to the peer who sent it
to you...

But that's just my opinion.

Steve R./Merit
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  >Keeping track of the state of who got announced what is likely
  >to be a very very very bad idea for busy BGP talkers carrying
  >today's amount of NLRI and instability.
  >There are some hacks around the simplistic "if it's in my RIB,
  >I have to propagate withdrawals to all my neighbours" for some
  >cases, but a more comprehensive fix would require some Thinking.
  >This should probably get migrated over to the BGP list.
  >	Sean.

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