Withdrawls and announcements attempt 2

Avi Freedman freedman at netaxs.com
Fri Jun 21 16:47:27 UTC 1996

> A quick clarification -- the liberal BGP widthraw policy implemented by Cisco 
> (and a few other vendors) only accounts for a small fraction of the ~5 million 
> plus daily withdraws in the default-free Internet. The real source of all 
> these spurious withdraws remains a bit of a mystery. Our data shows some 
> strange sort of 30 second looping/oscilation behavior is taking place. 
> Possible causes of this behavior include configuration errors, unexpected 
> IGP-EGP interactions, vendor implementation bugs, and problems inherent with 
> the BGP protocol itself.
> The source of the millions of BGP withdraws is NOT Cisco's "liberal BGP 
> withdraw" policy -- this generates a fairly minor number of extra withdraws 
> (O(n) per router), and there are a quite a few valid and compelling reasons 
> for wanting implementing BGP this way.
> - Craig

What %age of the route assertions and withdrawls are substantially the same 
set of routes each day?


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