critique of NANOG meeting

Stephen Stuart stuart at
Thu Jun 20 20:07:11 UTC 1996

Quoth Michael Dillon:

> On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Justin W. Newton wrote:
> > Well, I'm sure as hell not bringing a tie.
> Why don't you just get one person to bring a tie and a suit jacket (large
> size so it fits anyone) and then you can all take turns wearing the suit
> and tie when you do your presentation. :-)
> HINT: Get somebody to tie the tie and then have it sewed together or
> something so it doesn't accidentally come undone.

Maybe David Byrne will loan out that Big Suit he wore in "Stop Making
Sense." All the presenters could get into the Big Suit in the morning,
reducing the amount of time wasted between presentations. 

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