there are several mailing lists missing from the CC header on this

Paul A Vixie paul at
Thu Jun 20 16:17:07 UTC 1996

Carl, all you said was:

    cc: newdom at, DOMAIN-POLICY at, linuxisp at,
        net-lawyers at, inet-access at,
        nanog at, CompLaw at

There must be at least another 500 mailing lists you could have CC'd.  None
of them would have been appropriate, but then, neither are most of the above.

I expect you to do better next time.  Just because nobody wants to see this
discussion on every list they subscribe to, is no reason they ought to be
spared from hearing about your crusade.  Remember, everyone needs to hear
about your squabble with NSI/SAIC, even if they are only subscribed to the
frisbee-lovers or kumquat-chefs mailing lists.

Do some research.  CC the rest of those lists.  There are only 10,000 of them.

Paul Vixie

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