critique of NANOG meeting

Craig A. Huegen c-huegen at
Wed Jun 19 21:45:01 UTC 1996

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, Vadim Antonov wrote:

> >From: Michael Dillon <michael at>
> >I don't know if you folks are following Metcalfe's columns...
> The guy is seriously out of touch with reality.  He seems to be
> completely unable to comprehend the fact that packet loss is
> not a malfunction but rather the nature's way to say "you need
> more bandwidth".  And the fact that it was exactly suits who
> got Internet to that point; engineers keet screaming about
> inadequate facilities for as long as i could remember.

As I have said before (and have gotten flamed for it), Bob Metcalfe may 
have been an engineer in a previous life, but has no clue for the way 
things are run today.

Nor is he following it.

He is just another trade rag columnist who is quick to jump on the 
bandwagon and offer his toughts on a subject he knows nothing about.

He may have created ethernet, but today's technology seems to be new to him.


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