critique of NANOG meeting

Vadim Antonov avg at
Wed Jun 19 06:27:57 UTC 1996

Jeff Young wrote:

>metcalfe understands the issues only too well.  only the truly
>blessed can blindly exploit half-truths.  he is not blessed and
>he is not blind. 

>i have no doubt that his campaign will succeed.  he is bright, has
>built companies, used to be a technically saavy engineer.  the trick
>will be to bide our time, he will go away in the end.  hopefully his
>winnings will be modest this time.

You made him to look cunning and evil.  I'd like to make him to
look ridiculous.  That's harmless at least and there's a chance
that this will make him to go away.

Actually i don't understand what his motivation is.  It appears
that it is not material; and any decent person wouldn't just go
and use somebody else's problems as a ladder to do social climbing.


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