tilting at windmills discussion 2

Jerry Scharf scharf at vix.com
Wed Jun 19 19:01:42 UTC 1996

Justin W. Newton <justin at erols.com> writes:

>  Do you also happen to have a breakdown of what ports this raffic was going
>  to/from?  The reason I ask iss that this seems to lead to a conclusion that
>  a lot of the data was for "interactive" services such as telnet and the like
>  as opposed to batch transfer type of connections such as ftp, and sendmail. 

go look at http://www.nlanr.net/NA and the parent directory of the URL in the
original mail. k claffey and folks have done a great job of collecting loads
of stats and analyzing them 17 different ways. Anyone interested in doing
traffic statistics work should start there.


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