A fourth lawsuit against NSI by a domain name owner to try to keep from losing a domain name

Carl Oppedahl carl at oppedahl.com
Tue Jun 18 19:43:46 UTC 1996

There is now a fourth case in which NSI wrote to a domain name owner 
saying that their domain name would get cut off in 30 days, and in 
which the domain name owner says it wasn't infringing anybody's
trademarks (which is of course no defense under the present NSI 
policy), and finds itself suing NSI to avert loss of the domain name.

First lawsuit - Roadrunner v. NSI
background at: http://www.patents.com/nsi.sht
complaint at: http://www.patents.com/nsicpt1.sht

Second lawsuit - DCI v. DCI and NSI
background at: http://www.patents.com/dci/dci.sht
complaint at: 

Third lawsuit - Giacalone v. NSI et al.
complaint at: http://zeus.bna.com/e-law/cases/giac.html

Fourth lawsuit - Clue Computing v. NSI
background at:  http://www.clue.com/legal/index.html
complaint at:  http://www.clue.com/legal/complain.html
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