Address allocation stats

Havard.Eidnes at Havard.Eidnes at
Tue Jun 18 18:46:55 UTC 1996

> I've just updated the graphs for the data through the end of May.
> These'll be the ones I'll be bringing to Montreal and are very
> similar to the ones from LA -- assuming no other changes.
> The postscript files can also be copied from:
> If I get a chance this week, I'll also look for a .ps->.gif converter..

You've just found one.  Me. ;-)

Seriously, you need GhostScript 2.6.1 with the following
modification to gdevgif.c:

/* #define TABLE_SIZE 5123              /* this is max for 12-bit codes */
#define TABLE_SIZE 5119         /* this is max for 12-bit codes (and prime) */

5123 is nice, but not prime, and this will in certain
circumstances produce an infinite CPU-consuming loop.

Second, uncomment the "30000 VM?" test in the PS files.

Third you will need the ps-to-gif script (a one-liner in the
shell given the right gs) and the which is available
together with the already converted (gif) files in

Note that a newer version of GhostScript won't do, since they
removed the GIF driver in subsequent versions to 2.6.1 (you
probably know why...).


- Havard

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