Sprint's route filters and Europe

Daniel Karrenberg Daniel.Karrenberg at ripe.net
Mon Jun 17 14:14:28 UTC 1996

  > "Alex.Bligh" <amb at xara.net> writes:
  > Historically the way to prevent such market disfunction has been
  > regulation of this sort. Which is exactly what Internic, RIPE, etc.
  > do. However, where regulation is different in different geographical
  > areas in what is effectively a global market place, it causes problems.
  > c.f. the telecoms industry.

That is true and we work very hard to align all regional registries
to the extent possible. I see no major differences causingproblems at
the moment. If there are, please point them out.

randy Conrad has made the argument why there is a need for the 
regional differences that do exist.


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