Sprint's route filters and Europe

Brian Carpenter CERN-CN brian at dxcoms.cern.ch
Mon Jun 17 11:59:59 UTC 1996

> 	4) you can't charge for addresses because they're just
> 	   numbers and have no value (tell that to the US Treasury)
> P.S. So which rathole are we going to go down this time?  30 quatloos
> on rathole #4 (it's my favorite 'cause it's so silly (Hi Brian!)).

Well, since you ask...

My view is still that charging for routing announcements is
necessary and sufficient - but as I've said before, I think
that registries should charge for their *services*, and
allocating an address block is a service. So I don't think
we're that far apart. See you in Montreal.


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