Address allocation stats

bmanning at bmanning at
Fri Jun 7 18:34:02 UTC 1996

> @ So lets not pick on BBN while the real problem is chomping on our respective
> @ hindends.
> @ 
> @ --bill
> @ 
> Why should anyone even care any more...there are
> no good fixes, the people that are in a position to
> fix things will never do it...and from an IPv8 point of
> view...the entire IPv4 address space is a TWD...
> --
> Jim Fleming
> UNETY Systems, Inc.
> Naperville, IL

	Just curious,  How did your missive enter into our TWD of
	IPv4 anyway and why do you insist on remaining here 
	( just to badger us, the poor sots who lack
	your forsight and vison.  I am happy with my heathen
	ways and don't wish this new religion thrust down my

	Of course many people I know of who have left IPv4, looked
	at your IPv8 and decided that it is flawed and moved on..
	to IPv10.  In fact there are commercial implementations of
	this code base now from a large number of vendors.  Yup,
	IPX is the wave of the future.... :)


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