MAE-West is up again ( RA Contract Value )

Warren Williams wkwilli at PacBell.COM
Tue Jun 4 00:15:56 UTC 1996

At 06:08 PM 6/2/96 -0400, you wrote:
>gee bill, accusing AVI of muck raking?  must have been confusing him with
>i think his question is very relevant......
>how bout phrasing it differently?  if ameritech, pac bell, mfs, or sprint
>initially clueless (greedy?) enough to ask for $60,000 a month I can see
>why you might like to decline to embarrass the offender.... - *IF* such
>entity has become more reasonable in the meantime.
>so let me rephrase avi's question:
>what is the RA paying each NAP owner now??  this should be publicly
>disclosable since it is paying with federal funds.  Right?  seems to me
>the important question is whether anyone is out of line NOW.

Since I've been involved with the NAP project at Pacific Bell, the RA has
only been charged for an ATM port ($4,850 mo. flat). There has been no
charge for the facilities in which the servers are housed, for reserved rack
space, for power, access, whatever... 

Bill and I have been in discussion about a way to reduce the ATM access fees
considerably, and that is merely waiting for some clearance (which I thought
would come *much* faster) on my side of the house.   Our mission (already
accepted, Mr. Phelps) is to reduce the charge to zero.
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