MAE-West is up again ( RA Contract Value )

Gordon Cook cook at
Mon Jun 3 21:03:52 UTC 1996

oh come on Doug!  I have learned a few things in the five years I have
been doing my newsletter and one is that the baseball bat should be used
until other efforts have failed.

I would like to see what is on those web sites as to current prices and if
I didn't have two consulting seminars with two huge players to get
battened down in the next week, I'd take the time to do it myself.  i'd
certainly like to see the data.  If anyone has it handy I wish they'd post
it.....but if they don't I'll let this issue hang for a bit.  I hate to
admitt it but for the moment earning some good dollars comes first.

The COOK Report on Internet                   Individ. hard copy   $150
431 Greenway Ave, Ewing, NJ 08618 USA         Small Corp & Gov't   $200
(609) 882-2572 phone and fax                  Corporate            $350
Internet: cook at                 Corporate Site Lic.  $650  for new report: "Tracking Internet Infrastructure"

On Mon, 3 Jun 1996, Doug Humphrey wrote:

> > >
> > > disclosable since it is paying with federal funds.  Right?  seems to me
> > > the important question is whether anyone is out of line NOW.
> Sounds like it's FOIA time Gordon!
> Doug

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