Sprint's route filters and Europe

Daniel Karrenberg Daniel.Karrenberg at ripe.net
Mon Jun 3 16:19:12 UTC 1996

  > Michael Dillon <michael at memra.com> writes:
  > No quarrel with that, but the folks who pay those high fees kind of
  > expected that they were guaranteed to work on the global Internet. 

Our documentation clearly tells them that this may be a wrong expectation
and also tells them where to complain. Now if people would read 
documentation the world would be a better place .... ;-(

  > I started this thread because a European ISP could not find out from
  > either Sprint or his own upstream NSP or RIPE, why were these routes being
  > blocked and what could he do to unblock them. 

I am quite sure we point everyone with routing problems in the direction
of the ISP concerned. I realise that some find this not too helpful,
but what else can we do?

  > This points out to me that
  > there may still be some room for improvement in opening up avanues of
  > communication.

Concrete suggestions are always welcome.


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