Christian Nielsen cnielsen at
Wed Jul 31 17:08:46 UTC 1996

On Tue, 30 Jul 1996, Avi Freedman wrote:

> > 10  arpanet^255.255.2 (  178 ms  228 ms  234 ms
> Looks like someone wanted to assign a serial network and didn't have time
> to look at their internal network assignment maps...  I advise 'ip unn'
> for times like that :)

	I think that it would be "a good thing" for companies to start using
the ips in RFC 1918 for internal ips on Serial Interfaces. This way, you are
able to still reach Serial interfaces via ips where ip unn you can't.

	But, to do so, you would have to have filters on. If not it could cause

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