Why aren't people changing their subject lines when threads drift?

Michael Shields shields at crosslink.net
Mon Jul 29 13:51:55 UTC 1996

At 1996-07-27 01:54 +0000, Alan Hannan wrote:
>] Ping times only correlate to available bandwidth when congestion is bad.
>] Otherwise these two factors are militantly unrelated to each other.
>   Agreed very much.  However, ping times can be used as latency
>   determination metrics.

And latency is disproportionately important when you're concerned only with
HTTP performance.

However, pings *can* be used to measure bandwidth, by sending multiple
sizes of ping and measuring the difference in response times between small
and large pings.  On a graph of ping size vs. response time, you'd see the
y-intercept representing base latency and the slope representing bandwidth.
This is how bing does its work.

Shields, CrossLink.

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