T3 or not to T3

Nathan Stratton nathan at netrail.net
Mon Jul 22 20:42:25 UTC 1996

On Mon, 22 Jul 1996, Karl Mueller wrote:

> > Yes, 100%, I would pick MAE-East. MAE-East is the closest you are going to
> > get to the world, and there is more data going over it then any other
> > NAP. You may also want to look at putting a server up at a few NAPs, this
> > is what we are doing now for one of our users. This will be a HUGE www
> > audio provider, and they need fast access with as little delay as
> > possible. We will be providing them colo at MAE-East, MAE-West, and
> > Chicago NAP. The people they are accessing the site will then hit a image
> > map and get served out of the closest server.
> >
> The fact that MAE-East is the busiest exchange point in the world
> should push you to locate servers elsewhere, IMHO.  There are
> many providers who really don't want more traffic at MAE-East.
> With all the overload happening now and the lack of additional
> connections to share traffic, do you really want to add significant
> content to the bargain?

The delay at MAE-East is because some larger providers have just 1 DS3
connection when they need more. The gigaswitch can do almost 1000 times
what it is doing now. The OC-3s that are connecting the gigaswitches
together also have plenty of room on them.

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