Why aren't ISPs providing stratum 1 NTP service?

Per Gregers Bilse bilse at EU.net
Mon Jul 22 20:12:54 UTC 1996

On Jul 22, 15:13, "Michael A. Patton" <MAP at bbn.com> wrote:
> (*) And a clearly "unclean" way, which will work with existing
> clients, is to take a routing prefix and distribute _that_ around.
> The servers would all have the same address (making them hard to
> manage), and the routing prefix would be advertised from each of these
> locales, and routing would find you the "closest" one.  After all, you

Yep, works.  Management isn't a problem if each box is fitted with
two interfaces and addresses, one for public consumption of contents,
one for internal use.  Not that we have done any of this for real (yet).

> really are looking at a routing problem here.  (Although something
> about hammers and looking like nails comes to mind. :-)

Well, yes, but then something like WWW and other stuff could be
fitted with a number of unflattering descriptions.

It's interesting to see ... it's only recently people on the US side
have begun getting concerned about bandwidth issues, attempting to
localize traffic if possible.  So far, there wasn't anything that
couldn't be solved with a couple of those DS3s, which cost the same
on your side as one or two E1s on our side.  (Part of the reason for
the high cost of leased lines over here is that Europe is a large
collection of twisty little places, all different.  Hence, your
leased lines go international and/or intercontinental at the drop of a
hat.)  So for a long time, localization and good geographic spread of
servers of various kinds has been given very serious attention on
this side.

Now here's me waiting for some moron to invent Son of CU-SeeMe ...

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