T3 or not to T3

Dorian R. Kim dorian at cic.net
Mon Jul 22 06:15:32 UTC 1996

On Sun, 21 Jul 1996, Michael Dillon wrote:

> On 21 Jul 1996, Dean Gaudet wrote:
> > of this into account, I'm really leaning towards a solution that involves
> > lots of small pipes to lots of providers.  Essentially eliminating the
> > need for 90% of our packets to traverse NAPs by using each backbone
> > mostly for their own customers.
> Are you sure you can't accomplish this with your own national backbone and
> private interconnects with the major providers similar to what Sprint/MCI
> are doing to keep traffic off the NAP's?

I believe the current ante to get into this game is DS3 infrastructure with
presence at 3 exchange points. This is a slightly different order of magnitude
than what's Dean seems to be talking about.


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