T3 or not to T3

Michael Dillon michael at memra.com
Sun Jul 21 23:47:11 UTC 1996

On 21 Jul 1996, Dean Gaudet wrote:

> of this into account, I'm really leaning towards a solution that involves
> lots of small pipes to lots of providers.  Essentially eliminating the
> need for 90% of our packets to traverse NAPs by using each backbone
> mostly for their own customers.

Are you sure you can't accomplish this with your own national backbone and
private interconnects with the major providers similar to what Sprint/MCI
are doing to keep traffic off the NAP's?

On the other hand, maybe you could be the customer that establishes the
distributed web server scenario I discussed earlier. If you have read
through http://www.ix.digital.com you will not that not only are they
running an exchange point but they are also running a web farm of sorts at
the same location. Chances are good that this web-farm-at-the-XP concept
will become the rule rather than the exception. Note that in Digital's
model it would be possible to connect to larger ISP's without requiring
traffic to flow through the XP itself.

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