Why aren't ISPs providing stratum 1 NTP service?

Dean Gaudet dgaudet at hotwired.com
Sun Jul 21 22:30:38 UTC 1996

In article <hot.mailing-lists.nanog-Pine.BSI.3.93.960719091042.14736C-100000 at sidhe.memra.com>,
Michael Dillon  <michael at memra.com> wrote:
>And heavily used WWW servers are another thing that could benefit from
>aligning themselves with the topology.

The protocols don't support this cleanly.  So far nothing I've seen would
allow a single URL to be used to access the "nearest" server.  Until
something like that exists (i.e. the end users don't need to know a thing
about network topology) it seems pointless to align WWW servers with
the topology.  Your suggested use of redirects just complicates things --
consider how the URLs would end up looking in a search engine.


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