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Brett D. Watson bwatson at
Sat Jul 20 08:07:59 UTC 1996

> > Acceptable arguments are:
> > o Switches can handle more throughput
> That's difficult to quantify in theory *or* practice.
> > o Switched networks are easier for humans (or at least, humans without
> >   huge brians && many internal registers) to design/debug/maintain.
> More levels of indirection does not mean it's easier for humans necessarily.
> In fact, there are many more nobs to miss, and more places for error to
> be introduced into your engineering model.

  i would agree strongly.  putting a bunch of switches between two routers 
makes troubleshooting that much more involved.  if i can't get a packet from 
router A to router F (assuming B,C,D,and E are atm switches) where has the 
link broken down?  you have to go to each switch and look at incoming/outgoing 
cells to see which is not sending or receiving.   this scenario definately 
makes more work for the network operator doing the troubleshooting.  it 
certainly doesn't make things *easier*.


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