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Karl Denninger, MCSNet karl at
Fri Jul 19 21:34:27 UTC 1996

> Nope, remember - there is no magic.  Any mesh of PVCs that one makes
> over a switched network must reflect the toplogy of that network, and
> one can set up a matching set of active routing sessions and route
> weights which will cause traffic to flow the same way.
> Yes, the switches are a bit faster and have less to do. Data moves through 
> them in a few ms less per point.  But as you said (and as I said in our
> discussion in NYC), relative to any distance, the speed of light guarantees 
> that you won't notice the difference.
> The question is:  Will there be routers available that can make IP
> routing decisions based on 40-60kroutes and move 2-3 OC3s worth of 
> bidirectional traffic?  The building of the configs to have a routed
> network work the same as a switched ATM one can be automated, but it's
> true that it *can be* easier to see what's going on in a large-scale 
> switched network.
> Avi

Uh, yes.  Like today.

See NetStar (recently acquired by ASCEND).

Their hardware does nothing *slower* than DS-3 right now, and updates the
route forwarding table 20x/second. :-)

This thing is a monster, and will make the so-called "state of the art"
7513s look like dogmeat when in full production (presuming the BGP issues
get completely resolved).

Coming soon to a network near you.

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