Why aren't ISPs providing stratum 1 NTP service?

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Fri Jul 19 09:36:07 UTC 1996

>So the list works... if you don't want to provide "public" services, adjust
>the server to allow connections only from your own IP blocks.

Currently I, and the company I work for, don't mind providing some services
to the "public" Internet community.  The company almost always gets more out
of it than it costs to supply.  I just don't want to get trapped into
"supporting" public services.  I get enough hate mail now when one of
our no charge services goes out of service on occasion.

A related, but more on topic for NANOG, issue is aligning more network
services with network topology.  I don't think putting a NTP stratum 1
server on the NAP network fabric is a good idea.  I do think providers
exchanging NTP across the NAP fabric is a good idea.  Redundant voting
catches a bunch of dumb errors.

A packet saved, is a packet you don't have to carry.  Its not as huge
a problem as multiple MBONE tunnels transiting the same physical lines.
But I'd rather have multiple associations at the edge of my network, and
pass NTP in a structured manner around inside my network.  The same thing
is true for several other network services.
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