Anybody want to face Bob Metcalfe on TV?

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Fri Jul 19 04:58:24 UTC 1996

If anyone would like to face Bob Metcalfe on TV here is the place and
time. Of course I don't know if there will be audience questions allowed
so don't take my word for it, check into it on your own. 

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We've had a somewhat interesting development.  Apparently C-SPAN has taken 
a bit of interest in this gathering of Internet Service Providers.  Dr. 
Robert Metcalfe is doing a session Saturday afternoon - essentially 
summarizing what he sees at the show and covering his IMMINENT COLLAPSE OF 
THE INTERNET theme.  It would appear C-SPAN is proposing to televise this 

Peter Granoff is one of a handful of Grand Sommelier's (I can't spell that 
- wine guys) in the country and is based in San Francisco.  He has been 
selling wine on a web site for over 18 months now.  We had asked him to 
come do a realistic session on marketing specialty products on the Internet 
describing the realities.  He was interviewed on KCBS in San Francisco this 
afternoon about his session.

I understand we appeared in Microtimes today.

John Quarterman, author of the first Internet book THE MATRIX will be 
honored at the John C. Dvorak Awards banquet Saturday night along with Tim 

How am I doin' Justin?

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