The root nameservers will be replaced August 1st

Avi Freedman freedman at
Wed Jul 17 16:12:10 UTC 1996

> I'm saying that an unofficial body appears to be implementing a system of
> alternative root nameservers at exchange points. This is what they claim.
> I want to know if this could be true, i.e. would an XP allow that sort of
> colo server for starters. This has nothing to do with the official root
> nameservers whatsoever except that this group wants people to use their
> root servers rather than the official ones.

The XPs allow colo servers right now (the RAs).  Such name servers could
be even run on the RA servers, though I doubt that'd happen :)

> I also want to know if this placement of servers would have any impact on
> network operations. Since this list is filled with the people who run
> XP's and who colocate at XP's and who understand what's going on, I asked
> this question here.
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