The root nameservers will be replaced August 1st

Alan Hannan alan at
Wed Jul 17 02:45:33 UTC 1996

  Michael, et. al.

] If the information in the following message means what I think it means in
] then somebody is colocating an entire new set of root nameservers at
] exchange points within the USA if not internationally.
] Can they do this? Or are they bluffing?

  Of course they can do that.  And I can start queuing data at my
  router to send all tcp packets w/ 1000 bytes, and set the priority
  bit.  I can also send a constant 1M ping stream to every ISP's web
  server, and I can finger every machine every 5 minutes to see if
  Sean is on to ask him a question.  I can draw OC3 PVCs between
  the NAPs and sell web content more cheaply than any other ISP can
  draw a nationwide network.  I can send appletalk packets across my
  WAN and attempt to send them to my peers, I can build my own IXP
  and sponser, in addition to IP: IPX; and Appletalk traffic!  In
  fact, I can claim 10/8, and if I have enough interests in the
  world, and enough people can be bullied into it, I can route that
  to you, and it can appear in the global tables!

  The larger issue, is who cares?  Who will give a whoot about what
  I do?  And what are the ramifications of them doing it?
  Concisely, how will people deal with it?

  Perhaps I missed the intent of your letter.  Are you implying
  that an official body is making a change in policy such that a new
  hw/sw system is used and their geographic points change from
  pseudo random placement, to NAP/IXP placement?

  Or perhaps you were a bit dismayed that some entrepeneurs are
  trying to make things better outside the antiquated^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H 'system'?

   Chief Promulgator, Second Class, Anarchic Intelligentsia

  ps -> this system wanted NAP/IXPs to be a free socialist meeting
        point for providers (beyond hw/colo costs), as well, but
	capitalist forces changed the economics when people stopped
	peering freely.....

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