problem at mae-west tonight?

Jonathan Heiliger loco at
Mon Jul 15 21:00:33 UTC 1996

On Mon, 15 Jul 1996, Owen DeLong wrote:

|} Actually, it's three.  There's another one at 2 North Second Street
|} for ConXioN.

Three?  Uhh, no.  As I understood it, ConXioN is an MFS customer; has this
changed?  A customer being that MFS has extended a LAN interconnection out
to your premise for the purpose of MAE interconnection.

|} Actually, it's a combination of Gigaswitches and NetEdge boxes.  There
|} are 2 OC3s between the GS at MFS and the GS at Ames.  There's a single T3
|} to North Second.  (That'll become an OC3 soon, though).

According to the MFS homepage:

MAE West is interconnected with the Ames Internet Exchange, operated by
NASA at the Ames Research Center. This connection is currently an OC3c
circuit directly between the FDDI switches at each end.

And traffic doesn't appear to have creeped above ~70Mbps on the link.  The
OC-3c is terminated on a Gigaswitch at both Ames and MFS and is delivered
via MFS's SONET network.

|} RS's are both located at Ames.  Additionally, there are multiple segments
|} at Ames and at MFS.

What Alan said is/was right -- both of the RS boxes are at Ames.  Should
the link fail, the ability to communicate with the RSs will cease to


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