problem at mae-west tonight?

Rob Liebschutz rob at
Mon Jul 15 00:06:06 UTC 1996

Yes, this type of topology failure is possible too.  I can recall times
when there were problems on the links between Ames and MFS.  Yes,
the link is  2 OC3s.

>   Robert,
>   It's my understanding that MAE-W is composed of two facilities,
>   one at MFS, and the second at NASA-AMES.
>   It's my understanding that while a virtual medium is created, they 
>   actually reside on two separate gigaswitches.  I seem to recall 1
>   or 2 OC3s connecting the two.....
>   Given this, it is, then, possible that the route server is located
>   on segment A, while customers x,y, and z are located on segment B.
>   If you are on segment A, and try to follow the RSes advice to talk
>   to x, y, and z, you are depending on the links connecting the two
>   segments.
>   However, I may be incorrect.
>   -alan

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