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Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Thu Jul 11 19:03:44 UTC 1996

>>PS, Mr. Metcalfe. Reports for the old reliable telephone system show
>>over the course of a year, a daily average of 30,000 US telephone customers
>>are out of service for five hours.
>Source please?

The ATIS network reliability council steering committee report "Keeping
the Network Alive And Well: Solving the problem of cable dig-ups."

  >Facility outages continue to be the leading contributor to outages in the
  >Public Switched Network. Approximately 50% of FCC-reportable service outages
  >and their impact have been caused by facility outages. Roughly 33 million
  >customers over the past three years or 30,000 customers a day have lost
  >access to the Public Switched network for an average of 5 hours because of
  >these problems. The ATIS NRSC Facilities Solution Team was chartered to
  >determine the causes of these facility outages and to recommend ways to
  >reduce their number and impact.

A copy of the Facilities Solution Team report entitled "Keeping the Network
Alive and Well: Solving the Problem of Cable Dig-Ups" can be obtained by
contacting ATIS on (202) 628-6380.
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