Ping flooding (fwd)

Dorian Kim dorian at
Wed Jul 10 08:34:57 UTC 1996

On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Sean Doran wrote:

> The current path appears -- to me, qualitatively -- to consume
> less CPU per packet per second in 7500s than the other released
> switching methods.  Yes, I was seriously surprised too, however
> People That Know with three letter logins weren't.

With about 32K active flows, I've seen the same  Without hard numbers, I'd put
the performance gain at 5-10% CPU over other fast switching method, but then
again, that's a total eyeball estimate. Pretty amazing stuff.

> conf t
> flow-export <ip-address>
> ^Z

Minor nit.

ip flow-export <ip-address>


It's always nice to see new technology being introduced. Flow switching, along
with Nevin Brownlee's real time flow visualisation tools should allow us much
better view into what's going on in our networks, an always useful thing IMO.


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