On another topic ... :-)

Curtis Villamizar curtis at ans.net
Wed Jul 10 01:53:23 UTC 1996

In message <vines.EH16+jWislA at dewey.delmarva.com>, John Scoggin writes:
> Does something like this best practices document exist?  If not, here is an 
> opportunity for someone to make some money putting one together - I'd gladly 
> pay a couple hundred bucks for one!

For a couple hundred bucks I'd gladly email you a copy of each and
every IETF "Best Current Practices" RFC.  Are there two now?  Of
course you could also ftp them for free, but maybe I shouldn't have
told you that.  :-)

The operations area of the IETF used to produce informational RFCs.
Now the category "Best Current Practices" has been added, though
inforamtional still remains.


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