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John Scoggin jscoggin at delmarva.com
Tue Jul 9 23:24:04 UTC 1996

I ran across an interesting document on the FCC web site and was wondering if 
there was an Internet analog - or maybe there should be.

Apparently, the FCC started a Network Reliability Council composed of IECs, 
LECs, CAPs, and vendors to compose a best practices manual.  What makes it 
interesting is that they surveyed the various carriers five years later to 
determine which practices had been adopted, to what extent they had been 
implemented, and whether they were deemed cost effective.  The results were 
rendered in a report from the Office of Engineering & Technology (FCC).  I 
sent mail to the FCC folks yesterday trying to track down the original report 
to aid me in starting our carrier operations off on the right foot.

Does something like this best practices document exist?  If not, here is an 
opportunity for someone to make some money putting one together - I'd gladly 
pay a couple hundred bucks for one!

gratituitous barb follows --> [maybe Metcalfe could write one :-) ]

John K. Scoggin, Jr., Staff Technical Consultant, Advanced Technologies / 
Chief Technical Advisor, Telecom Infrastructure Services
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