InfoWorld Column on Netcom-Cisco Ampersand Collapse

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Tue Jul 9 18:57:43 UTC 1996

>Dear NANOG,

	Actually, Father-O'-The-Internet, (or can I just call you 'Dad'?)
	you are old enough and wise enough and experienced enough that
	you don't really need to CC NANOG on this.  Your sentences start
	out with "Mr. Huegen..." and that means you should have used what
	we call "email," not "annoy the mailing list."

>You saw that Craig Huegen has caught me in ANOTHER error.

	It's nothing new.  You're a biased columnist with an axe
	to grind, so accuracy is expected to suffer at the expense
	of your paycheck...  

	If you really gave a shit about the quality of anything you'd write
	you'd pass it by someone who understands the technology BEFORE You
	published it.  (No, not Gordon...)
>Not to get back at Mr. Huegen, but he should note that Cisco is not "cisco"
>anymore.  Gotcha!

	That's -10 maturity points.  Gotcha.

>By the way, Mr. Huegen, the well-known fact that the Internet offers no
>service guarantees has not, as you've written, escaped me.  This well-known
>fact is one of those we are working to FIX.

	/laugh.  Which royal we do you think you are part of?  You're
	not part of the management group or the operations group.

>Also, tell us, what was the "original purpose" of the Internet?  Not that
>it matters much.                                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^

	Dad?  Do you mean the original ARPANET, which had one purpose?
	Or do you mean the NSFNET, which had another purpose?
	Or do you mean the ANSnet/Co+Re backbone, which had another purpose?
	I know it's tough, while you're eating your oatmeal and your prune
	juice to consider that "the Internet" is an evolving entity, and
	how it began (military connection of imps via DDS lines) is in
	no way, shape, or form RELEVANT to what it is today.

>Ever your fan and loyal opposition,

	Bob, I use ethernet.  My hardware's royalties to you is tribute
	enough.  You want anything else (including my readership), you

	There are plenty of columnists who do it.  

	p.s. Your signature is 11 lines long.  In "the Internet", Dad,
	     us young kids have established this concept of brevity.
             Try 4 lines.

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