Ping flooding (fwd)

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Tue Jul 9 18:29:26 UTC 1996

In message <9607090242.AA06197 at>, Paul A Vixie writes:
> >OK. So what if somebody is currently planning a ping battle on the global
> >Internet, kind of like corewars in the netwrk. Then what? Do the NSP's all
> >roll over and play dead?
> Sounds sort of like the day they put Peter Gabriel on MBONE.

Actually it was much worse when the Washington DC IETF was on the
mbone in December of 1993 (the NSS was/is fine in this regard, though
in 1993 the routing software had a very rough time with the high level
of route flap).  At that time mrouted's method of tunnelling was
changed to avoid the problem.


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