Ping flooding (fwd)

Nevin Williams nevin at
Tue Jul 9 06:43:01 UTC 1996

Michael Dillon writes:
> On Tue, 9 Jul 1996, Daniel W. McRobb wrote:
> > There will likely never be a means for a single NSP to track down the
> > real source of spoofed packets using IPv4.  Service providers won't be
> > letting other service providers track spoofed packets through their
> > network.
> Why not? Don't telcos do this?
> Or if your answer is that telcos only do it for the police and not for
> each other, then my question would be why can't we form an Internet
> equivalent, maybe affiliated with something like CERT, that can make these
> requests and with whom NSP's would cooperate.

What sort of incentive or penalty do you think would enable this


        -Nevin Williams
         ANS Network Operations

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