Interconnecting at MAE-West

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Sat Jul 6 23:20:26 UTC 1996

On Sat, 6 Jul 1996, Gordon Cook wrote:

> Robert bowman wrote:  Or at least look into spending a bunch of additional
> money buying transit
> services from AGIS or CRL.  They both are in the business of servicing
> ISPs at the IXP level.
> Why would you buy transit from either AGIS or CRL if you could also buy it
> from MCI, ANS, Sprint or UUNET?  Are you saying that if one of these big
> players has a moretorium on peering, it also does not do transit?

Well, you may not want to get it form MCI, ANS, or UUNET because they
would peer with you, but will not peer with customers. This is where we
are at right now, we are building a full clear channel DS3 network, and
have a T1 right now into MCI for people we don't peer with. MCI is now
ready to peer, but will not until we ditch the T1 we have. We don't want
to go with UUNET or ANS because that would kill peering with them. So our
only choice is a smaller NSP that has Sprint peering but not a lot of net
traffic so it would not kill us not to peer, or Sprint.

P.S. I am looking for a copy of Sprints peering contract, if you have it
and want to share that would be great. So far I have had problems getting
it form Sprint.

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