Interconnecting at MAE-West

Robert Bowman rob at
Sat Jul 6 22:29:42 UTC 1996

ISPs, to the best of my knowledge and also due to Exodus' attempts in the past,
cannot buy transit from either UUNet or MCI at an IXP.  Maybe they have
changed in the past 3-4 weeks, but when we were researching how to get 
those pesky Sprint routes (due to their lack of new peerings), we had to
cross MCI & UUnet off the list, as they do not do it.  We didn't bother
researching it with Sprint.  ANS does do it I believe.

Better have reps from each of these places speak rather than myself making
assumptions.  What I was attempting to get at wasn't plugging AGIS and/or
CRL.  I was making a point about regional ISPs joining the MAEs.  A lot of
small ISPs think that a DS3 to Mae-West or Mae-East is a DS3 to the 
Internet.  When realistically it is just the beginning.


> Robert bowman wrote:  Or at least look into spending a bunch of additional
> money buying transit
> services from AGIS or CRL.  They both are in the business of servicing
> ISPs at the IXP level.
> Why would you buy transit from either AGIS or CRL if you could also buy it
> from MCI, ANS, Sprint or UUNET?  Are you saying that if one of these big
> players has a moretorium on peering, it also does not do transit?
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