AGIS Route Flaps Interrupting its Peering?

Paul A Vixie paul at
Fri Jul 5 21:32:39 UTC 1996

Hear, hear!  Bridging is a bad idea, whether for LAN extension or home ISDN
users or simulation of point to point links in WANs.  I have one additional
(minor) data point to add to Sean's message:

>		and some FDDI/Ethernet bridges resemble roach motels:
>		frames check in but they don't check out.   

I have a DEC PEswitch-900 in my own little "hub" hanging off of DEC's Palo
Alto exchange.  I have absolutely no complaints about this box; I have
pushed 50Mb/s through it (it has a FDDI and 6 10BaseT's) without dropping
anything (all my TCP timers on the test hosts remained unchanged, and
nothing was lost or reordered on minimum spaced back to back UDP spams,

My PEswitch-900 is the "Personal Ethernet" version of this product; it only
allows a small number (8, perhaps?) of end stations per 10BaseT port.  So
if you were gluing together a bunch of moderately sized LANs, you'd need
the more expensive version (probably called a DECswitch-900-EF but don't
take my word for it if details matter).  On the other hand, the only
reasonable (IMHO) way to use one of these is with one host per port.

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