AGIS Route Flaps Interrupting its Peering?

Gordon Cook cook at
Thu Jul 4 03:18:14 UTC 1996

I received the following this evening:

From: help at (DIGEX Help Desk - System Status)
   Newsgroups: digex.status
   Subject: System Status Message 1149 (6:25 PM, Wed Jul  3 1996)


           o We have also received reports of a lack of connectivity to
             certain web sites.  The reason for these connectivity
             problems is that routers controlled by Apex Global
             Information Services (AGIS) are attempting to exchange
             data with DIGEX routers too often, and our routers have
             stopped listening to their routers.  Other major Internet
             Service Providers are also experiencing these effects.

             DIGEX has no control over this situation, and therefore,
             we have no ETR.  Connectivity will resume as soon as the
             AGIS  routers stop flooding DIGEX routers with route updates.

does anyone know what happened?

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