Hostname Scam

edfang at edfang at
Tue Jul 2 16:41:52 UTC 1996

Actually, I would think that the $100.00 is not a major concern (~5K 
for entire US domain). However it is taken by other companies.  
However, I wonder about this 'enforcement' of an idea upon other 
people's 'property' (loosely coined here).  I just can't wait to here 
of a suit about being an infringing trade/service 


> > The postscript states an intention on the part of USA Internet
> > Gateway to register and enforce the hostname "visit" for any
> > <state>.com domain.  Sounds absurd, but you never know what
> > will happen in the US legal system.
> > 
> If, for any reason you are not interested in this offer, surely you
> understand our request that you not resolve a machine to serve pages on the
> "visit" machine name.  None of you now has a machine named "visit" and any
> future use of that machine name IN A SIMILAR MANNER as USA Internet Gateway,
> Inc.'s would be deemed an intentional violation of our registered
> trademarks, servicemarks, and patent(s) which may be currently pending.
> Hmm.  Actually, it seems like an excellent method for avoiding paying 
> $100 for the registration of a domain with InterNIC.  Could this be their 
> motivation? ;-)

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