Hostname Scam

Jonathan Kalbfeld jkalbfel at WR.BBNPLANET.COM
Tue Jul 2 18:31:55 UTC 1996

On Tue, 2 Jul 1996, Mark M. Borchers wrote:

> Here's an interesting twist.  This company wants to operate
> a series of web sites named visit.<state>.com.  They want
> everyone who holds a domain named after a state in the 
> COM TLD to support the effort in DNS.  There is repeated
> reference to potential advertising revenue, so this is
> a commercial venture.
> The postscript states an intention on the part of USA Internet
> Gateway to register and enforce the hostname "visit" for any
> <state>.com domain.  Sounds absurd, but you never know what
> will happen in the US legal system.
> Mark Borchers
> InfiNet Network Engineering

Hmm.  Actually, it seems like an excellent method for avoiding paying 
$100 for the registration of a domain with InterNIC.  Could this be their 
motivation? ;-)

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