Internet access and telco usage patterns

Stan Barber sob at
Tue Jul 2 02:13:22 UTC 1996

> Has anybody looked at the practicality of installing modem pools in each
> telco switch location to grab the dialup user's traffic at the IP level
> and then route it to their ISP of choice for authentication and further
> routing. In other words, an ISP wouldn't buy phone lines, modems and
> terminal servers, they would buy IP access ports.

Southwestern Bell has described such a service they claim to offer here in 
Texas, though I have not seen it yet. At one point, I had heard that
Ameritech and PAC*BELL were bothing looking at something like this. I never
saw if they actually did it or not, though.

CampusMCI is something like this, but of course there is only one ISP
of choice in that case :-).

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