Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

Sean Doran smd at cesium.clock.org
Wed Jan 31 22:13:06 UTC 1996

| 1) Provider X can announce the aggregate outside of the area & thus
| give free transit to the whole area; or
| 2) Provider X can announce just provider X's customers outside of the
| area, thus defeating the gain from aggregation; or
| 3) Provider X can be paid by everyone else in the area to provide
| transit to the entire area to where ever else Provider X connects to.

Just to be vicious, I think I should mention option #4:
Provider X can announce the aggregate outside of the area and
drop packets bound for people in the area who do not pay
Provider X for transiting packets to them.

I think you will find that if a system were set up such that
there were many touchdowns of this nature (announcing a
single prefix), people would be screaming that they were at
the mercies of the decisions about to whom in each local
aggregate each long-distance carrier would be willing to
deliver traffic.

One could also view this as a way to push the problems of
CIDRization out to the edges -- it would then be the end
sites which would have to learn and be able to route towards
the exceptions in the local aggregates, rather than the 
long-haul carriers.


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