misinformation and rumors from MCI

Matthew Kaufman matthew at scruz.net
Wed Jan 31 06:04:17 UTC 1996

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From: Alan Hannan <alan at gi.net>
Date: Jan 30, 23:45
Subject: Re: misinformation and rumors from MCI
>   Matthem,
>   I read your letter with a bit of a frown.
>   Please, in the future, send this mail to the person's manager, not
>   to the NANOG mail list.  People make mistakes, obviously he made
>   one, and I don't see any reason to drag them/him through the
>   coals.

We've seen this same sort of misinformation propogated by people at the
major NSPs for some time now,... the people who know what interconnects
really are and what routing policy really is read this list, and their
understanding of the technology is presumably well-respected in their
organization. If the major NSPs really want small providers to stay
around to handle the end-user sales, they're going to have to adopt that
attitude comapny-wide, and perhaps the technical people could write up
an FAQ or two for their sales staff so that misinformation like this doesn't
repeatedly end up in my mailbox, coming from customers who think that
WE'RE the ones who lied. This was just yet another "I heard this about you
from MCI and they must know what they're talking about" and I thought
it might be informative for the readers of this list to see what's being
said out there.

There's a difference between a mistake and a corporate attitude of "drag
all the small guys through the mud by claiming that their connectivity sucks
by waving around technical terms".

And sure, if nobody else thought this was interesting, I'll be sure to not
mention this sort of thing on this list again... no need to waste everyone's
valuable mail reading time :)

-matthew kaufman
 matthew at scruz.net

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