Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

Brett D. Watson bwatson at mci.net
Wed Jan 31 00:18:49 UTC 1996

> > 
> > Ah, the "Bill Manning Solution"(tm).  Now if we could only get ISPs
> > like Sprint to play, Bill could get his Nobel Internet Prize. 
> > 
> 	Er, this is to give you notice that my legal counsel advises me
> 	that you should cease and desist until the appropriate documents
> 	are signed.
> 	And its not the Noble (or even igNobel) prize I'm after, its
> !!!! Bwahahahah  :)
> 	As to the monies collected?  I need a new wardrobe and a shave.
> 	Perhaps even a life :)

  at least buy some new t-shirts :)


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