Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

Michael Dillon michael at memra.com
Tue Jan 30 20:29:21 UTC 1996

On Tue, 30 Jan 1996, Andrew Partan wrote:

> I suppose that if you find a set of companies that are all willing to
> be part of the consortium & just part of the consortium, then you could
> do addressing for this consortium as a whole.  Hey!  I think that we
> just invented provider (consortium) based addressing again.

Depends on your definition of provider. I'm just saying that there 
appears to be room for another tier of provider in between the local ISP's 
and the national/global NSP's. NAP's and exchange points are popping up 
all over the place these days; it is only a small extension of the 
exchange point concept to a business that provides city-wide backbones 
(or meshes).

It won't work everywhere, but it will work in some places and it will 
help control the growth of routes and that is good.

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