Have we started to chop up the B-space into /24's.

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Tue Jan 30 18:47:28 UTC 1996

>As I recall, at some point Internic was handing out subnets
>of old class B space and reserving the remaining subnets for the same
>organisation. If that's the case here then,
>should be advertised sprintlink instead of

	Nice thought, except it doesn't work in practice.  
	We have 169.197.0/18.  When we advertise it, Sean's
	filters prevent ICM/ICP from getting it.  When we 
	mis-advertise it as /16 the filter lets us through.

	My two messages to INSC, 2 to engineer at sl, and 4 to Sean
	didn't generate any solutions, so what makes you think
	it will work for
>       --Ismat


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